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Fire Magic Custom I

Fire Magic Custom I has all that make Fire Magic legendary, but in a smaller format. 432 square inches of cooking space (18x24). Four cast stainless steel burners power Two independently controlled cooking zones, 70,000 btu's in all, including a 18,000 btu stainless steel infra-red backburner. Each cook zone has it's own control knob and electronic ignition. Portable gas grill packages include single sealed brass side burners (15,000 btus each burner).

Quick Facts:

432 Square Inches on the primary cooking surface (18" x 24 ")

52,000 Btu's + 18,000 Btu Backburner

Custom I Models:
Custom I Cart - Single side burner
Custom I Built-In Head

Custom I Single Side Burner
Model # 22-S2S1-62

Custom I Built-In
Model # 12-S2S1N-A

Add Infra-Red

  Add a ceramic cartridge infra-red to any gas Fire Magic. Either factory installed on left side or whole grill, or order it as an optional plug in.  
Add Charcoal to any Gas Grill
  The charcoal basket turns any cooking zone on a Fire Magic gas grill into a charcoal grill. Use the gas below to start your hardwood charcoal, once lit, shut the gas and you have an instant charcoal grill in any zone.  
Add a Cradle Rotisserie

The Cradle Rotisserie is a great add on to any Fire Magic with a backburner. You can load and unload any size piece of meat without removing the cradle from the grill saving you time.

And if you have ever dragged a piping hot spit rod from your grill to your kitchen, you will surely appreciate this accessory.


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