Fire Magic Aurora 530

Fire Magic Aurora 530 has all that make Fire Magic legendary, but in a smaller format.

528 square inches of cooking space (22d x 24w).

Two cast stainless steel E burners power independently controlled cooking zones, 76,000 btu's in all, including a 16,000 btu stainless steel infra-red backburner.

Each cook zone has it's own control knob and electronic ignition.

Portable grill packages include single sealed brass side burners (15,000 btus each burner).

Quick Facts:

528 Square Inches on the primary cooking surface (22W" x 24D")

64,000 Btu's + 18,000 Btu Backburner

Custom I Models:
Aurora 530s Portable Cart - Single side burner
Aurora 530i Island Grill

Aurora 530s Single Side Burner
Model # A530s-2E1N-62

Aurora 530 Island Grill

Model # A530i-2E1N